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Resume Checker

Resume Worded have created a free AI-powered resume checker called: Score My Resume.

What does it do?

This tool goes beyond basic spell checking and uses leading Artificial Intelligence technology to grade your resume on 20+ resume checks that recruiters and hiring managers pay attention to. Specifically, the platform analyzes your resume’s impact by evaluating the strength of your word choice, and also checks your resume’s style and brevity. Similarly, it also scores each of the bullet points on your resume and checks for key elements such as inconsistencies, length, word choice, filler words, keywords and buzzwords.

How does it work?

It took over 2 years for the resume worded team to create Score My Resume. It started with thousands of hours speaking with recruiters and hiring managers at top companies before then working with data scientists and software engineers to build a tool that reflected exactly what they look for when they review resumes. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan your resume for the most important elements resume reviewers and hiring managers specifically keep an eye out for.

We believe this online resume grader provides better resume feedback than most so-called ‘professional’ reviewers out there, who often charge you for outdated, wrong or non-actionable advice.

Here are some of the things the checker examines your resume for:

  • ATS resume compatibility: Score My Resume analyzes your resume’s template and checks whether it is compatible with ATS (resume scanners).
  • Resume and bullet point length: Brevity is key when it comes to a resume.
  • Resume action verbs: Recruiters and resume reviewers are looking for evidence of impact on your resume. Score My Resume checks to make sure that you’ve used strong action verbs as well as other indicators of a strong impact-oriented resume.
  • Plus over 25 additional checks such as structure, formatting and spell-checking.

All you need to do is sign-up with your email address (it’s completely free) and then upload your resume. Simple. It will then give you score out of 100 and identify gaps on your resume and give you a detailed assessment along with tailored advice on how to improve it.

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