Software Engineer (DeFi)

Job Description

Wintermute is one of the largest algorithmic trading firms in digital assets globally. They provide liquidity algorithmically across most CeFi and DeFi exchanges and via OTC.


  • Projects may include: connecting to a new DeFi protocol or new blockchain (e.g. Solana), designing and building a new smart contract, owning development for a specific protocol or DEX exchange and liaising with traders to maximize return on capital and maintain their competitive edge
  • You will be tracking all major developments for the particular chains, assessing and executing trading opportunities, generating insights, prioritizing them and building a solution from scratch


  • Deep understanding of data types and algorithms
  • Understanding of blockchain, smart contracts, Ethereum and decentralized protocols
  • Knowledge of other chains (Solana, Polkadot) is an advantage.
  • Programming fundamentals (in C++, C#, Java, OOP)
  • Blockchain fundamentals (consensus, nodes, miners, forks, transactions, web3)
  • 2-3 years development on integrating/working on DeFi projects and protocols is an advantage, but if you are a self-taught genius or a DeFi enthusiast working on own projects, that may work too
  • Trading knowledge isn’t required but willingness and curiosity to learn algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative, market making trading is crucial
  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills