Senior Platform Engineer

28 September 2023

Job Description

Help us build the leading wallet infrastructure for the multi-trillion-dollar digital asset industry. 

Dfns is a cybersecurity company providing crypto wallet infrastructure. Founded in August 2020 in Paris, Dfns was incubated by Techstars and STATION F before becoming a SOC-2 certified firm audited by Deloitte, employing 30 people across 6 countries and raising over $20M since creation with investors such as White Star Capital, Susquehanna, Coinbase, ABN AMRO, Hashed, 6MV, Semantic, Bpifrance, Figment, SGH, Wintermute, Motier, and more.

Dfns develops the most secure wallet-as-a-service infrastructure in Web3. It’s an API-first wallet management system, ideal for applications and organizations seeking to provide secure access to all blockchains through a single integration. Our APIs and SDKs were designed for wallet programmability and efficient implementations, enabling fast deployments, smart automation flows, as well as granular sets of permissions and policies via secure authentication credentials. 

Dfns is trusted by industry leaders such as Diageo, Warner Bros, Shopify, Casino, Lacoste, Breitling, Accor, FNAC, ABN AMRO, Fidelity, Ingenico, The Sandbox, Atari, Panerai, IWC, Richemont, Ba&sh, YSL, Belgium Government, Seychelles Government, London Metropolitan Police, Rihanna, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, David Guetta and more.

Help us build the leading wallet infrastructure for the multi-trillion-dollar digital asset industry. Join exceptional leaders (CTO, CPO, Chief Scientist) and experts (Software Engineers, Security Engineers, Cryptographers, Protocol Designers) in a dynamic, collaborative environment. We’re looking for a skilled Senior Platform Engineer with expertise in cloud and hardware, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to thrive in high-pressure situations within our infrastructure team.

As the Senior Platform Engineer, you will design, build and maintain our platform infrastructure based on DevOps and SRE principles. We expect your expertise to guarantee the security, scalability, and reliability of our systems, enabling us to deliver a steady, robust product for the demanding Web3 application space. Your responsibilities will range from integrating corporate systems to ensuring seamless data flows within the organization, managing and expanding virtual machines, optimizing and stabilizing the cloud through capacity planning and resource management, adeptly troubleshooting network, storage, and computer issues across data centers, provisioning client environments and more.


Your primary goal is to oversee and optimize product infrastructure, including cloud, network, and data centers, to meet scalability, reliability, cost-efficiency, and security requirements.

Your day-to-day tasks will involve:

  • Contributing to Agile Scrum, ensuring deadlines and production quality.
  • Spearheading creative solutions for technical infrastructure challenges.
  • Managing platform infrastructure for scalability, high availability, and security.
  • Collaborating across teams to promote DevOps and SRE practices.
  • Establishing CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code templates with Terraform.
  • Configuring secure enclaves (Nitro, AMD, Thales, etc.) for enhanced security.
  • Implementing monitoring solutions with Datadog for performance and visibility.
  • Optimizing Node.js applications for improved performance.
  • Architecting cloud infrastructure on various providers (AWS, Google, Azure, etc.)
  • Managing containerization with a focus on security and scalability.
  • Integrating best-practice information security processes (SOC, ISO, etc.)
  • Ensuring network uptime and cybersecurity protection.
  • Implementing operational metric collection and visualization.
  • Staying updated on emerging technologies and best practices for continuous improvement within the platform.

Preferred Experience

  • 6+ years experience in Infrastructure, DevOps, and/or SRE.
  • Proficiency in Terraform, Node.js, and/or TypeScript.
  • Secure enclave knowledge (e.g., Nitro Enclaves, AMD SEV).
  • Jenkins expertise or similar for CI/CD, 12-Factor, microservices.
  • Database admin, scaling, and tuning (RDBMS/NoSQL).
  • Datadog or similar tools for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Cloud infrastructure optimization (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.).
  • Containerization (Docker) and Kubernetes expertise.
  • Understanding of infrastructure security best practices 
  • Experience in testing secure, resilient systems.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to champion ideas.
  • Clear communication and clear thinking under high-pressure.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a professional demeanor.
  • [Bonus] Experience in developer tools, cybersecurity, or blockchain.
  • [Bonus] In-depth understanding of crypto wallets and their use cases.