Senior Enterprise Sales Rep

12 March 2023
$150000 - $250000 / year

Job Description

We are looking for someone ideally with experience in the DeFi security space, with a lot of meaningful connections in the crypto space.


  1. Sell SaaS subscriptions to projects developing smart contracts on top of blockchain including DeFi, Games, and NFT. Communicate with potential clients in meetings and on social media.
  2. You will help uplevel our existing ad-hoc sales process to a scalable and repeatable process.
  3. Tremendous potential for career growth. Once we’ve nailed the sales process, we will hire and scale it quickly.
  4. Become adept at demonstrating and describing Certora’s product and service offerings.
  5. Understand how to qualify inbound inquiries to initial conversation, transition into opportunities and build the sales pipeline.
  6. Remain current with our product offering and gain key market information within the DeFi community.
  7. Provide reports as needed to show lead generation and/or qualification metrics.


  1. Experience with selling technical solutions to software development teams. Experience in the DeFi space.
  2. Significant proven experience managing the Sales process end to end.
  3. Skilled in persuasive communication techniques.
  4. An understanding of crypto projects including Lending Protocols, Decentralised Exchanges, Oracles, Stablecoins, Staking, and cross-chain platforms that may be potential customers for Certora. 
  5. Passionate about crypto and deep technology and have relevant experience, and can speak about relevant topics that our customers engage in regularly. 
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as demonstrated by a history of preparing presentation materials for sales meetings.
  7. Inquisitive and self-driven sense of motivation