Senior Backend Engineer

Job Description

We’re looking for a Senior Backend Engineer who shares our vision and wants to build something massive. We’re currently a 4-person team. Every person has a significant impact on shaping our product and our team culture.
We work remotely & gather IRL a few times per year.

You will lead complex projects across the stack, including architecting full systems, APIs, data models, and then performing the implementation individually or alongside a team. You’ll be instrumental in creating the right abstractions internally and in our public APIs. This role requires an unreasonably wide breadth of skills including a deep understanding of security and encryption best practices, distributed systems, and EVM blockchains. You should be abnormally fast at becoming proficient with new technologies and concepts and able to productively work with limited knowledge.

What we’re looking for

Great engineers can learn new tools, so this is more an idea of some of what we’re using

  • 5+ years of professional experience on a software development team
  • Highly proficient with Node.js (Typescript), REST, GraphQL, SQL, Docker
  • Expertise in designing highly secure software and systems
  • Experience building b2b software, working with enterprise IdPs, multi-tenant architectures, regulated data, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English)
  • Experience or a strong interest in crypto / web3
  • Based in the US or Europe

This role reports to the CTO.


Narval offers competitive salary & benefits based on experience, employee equity, and a stipend to buy an NFT of your choice.

💎 What We Value

We’re building the next era of the internet. There’s no playbook for this. Therefore, we value:

  • Creative problem solvers who reason from first principles
  • Having a healthy disrespect for rules; we break rules that don’t make sense
  • Builders of systems; you can’t scale without repeatable process
  • A hunger to grow. We actively seek new information and skills out of habit, not obligation.

We work remotely. There’s no one to watch over your shoulder. Therefore, we value:

  • Honesty; we start from trust and assume the best in each other
  • Deep sense of ownership and internal motivation; we care about our work and we work hard
  • Bias for action; an ability to ship. Activity without finished output is worthless
  • Over-communication; we proactively share information and clarify assumption

We’re solving hard problems, and hard problems can’t be solved alone. Therefore, we value:

  • Humility. Ask questions, admit failings, accept support; there’s no glory in silent struggle
  • Initiative to identify opportunities; our work isn’t siloed, good ideas can come from anywhere
  • Being excited by challenges; we love what we do and have fun building together, online or IRL
  • A team mindset. We share credit, highlight each other’s strengths, and believe 1 + 1 = 3.