Security Researcher

Job Description

Zellic is a blockchain security firm solving the most critical software assurance problems. Their audits prevent business-ending hacks. They have identified and eliminated critical vulnerabilities in top projects. In 2022, 55% of Zellic audits uncovered serious issues. Their mission is simple: catch deadly bugs, save users’ money.


  • Audit smart contracts for security issues, or design flaws in general
  • Communicate assessment findings with clients in a clear and professional manner
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in Web3 security
  • Write blog posts and conduct security research from time to time. You will also have the optional opportunity to travel and present at industry security conferences.


  • Experience discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in production software. This may include experience in vulnerability research, web application security, or reverse engineering.
  • Experience in cryptography, including design of cryptographic primitives and protocols, cryptanalysis and other cryptographic attacks, and secure cryptographic software implementation.
  • Research experience in program analysis, fuzzing, compilers, formal verification or formal methods, and/or programming languages