Growth/Partnerships Lead

10 August 2023
$60000 - $120000 / year

Job Description

Peanut Protocol. Bring currency back to cryptocurrency. Build a world where value flows freely through buttery smooth transactions.

At Peanut Protocol, we’re mission-driven. We’re seed stage hiring our first employees.

You want to

  • be super early, founder-lite experience as one of the first (lots of equity, lots of ownership)
  • own a whole product’s growth
  • do b2b growth, talk to people, and travel

This is you

  • you have created and managed partnerships between companies
  • you get excited when real people or businesses use stuff you’ve helped to build
  • you love launching marketing campaigns because it leads to real usage
  • seeing numbers go up tickles your neurons
  • you love crunching these spreadsheets and looking at that pipeline flow
  • you actually get excited and don’t roll your eyes when a partner asks you to explain some feature and you’ll make a video walkthrough even if it’s in the docs
  • you want to be an early in a startup and you know what this means
  • you’re in Europe. you spend most of your time less than 4000km away from the Mont Blanc (we work in CET timezone, and we want to meet up often, not necessarily at the summit but also maybe)
  • you like travelling and events
  • you ship fast and genuinely enjoy coding (show us your indie projects!)
  • this resonates with you. you read this and you feel: THIS IS ME!!!
  • no peanut allergy!! (negotiable)

This is us

  • 2nd time founders, who love hacking, building, playing games and having fun. creds/clout: Harvard, St Andrews, ex-hf0, ex-gov-researcher
  • Konrad: all things business
  • Hugo: all things tech
  • grew 3X in 3 months, raised funding from big brain crypto-native VCs.
  • will change the way token transfers are done

This is what you get

  • lots of equity so you can grow with us 1000X
  • base salary range 60-120k + equity. Pay depends on skills, experience, location, preferences, our business needs etc.
  • job at a company called Squirrel Labs (how cool is that?!)
  • remote-first (Europe only)
  • unlimited holidays
  • equipment, learning and other biz-related expenses
  • team events (mostly US & Europe)
  • important comms typed all in lowercase and with obscure emojis xdd


  1. Apply and wait until we get back
  2. Screening call (15 mins)
  3. Interview (30 mins)
  4. Technical Interview (1-1.5h)
  5. Reference checks
  6. Contract work (1-10 days) – this is to simulate real work later, so includes standups etc. This is as much for you as it is for us.