Graduate Software Engineer (DeFi)

Job Description

Wintermute is one of the largest algorithmic trading firms in digital assets globally. They provide liquidity algorithmically across most CeFi and DeFi exchanges and via OTC.


You will have the opportunity to help integrate DEX’s on chains; includes but not limited to:

  • Improving trading signals for various protocols
  • Improving execution logic to maximise PnL
  • Troubleshooting trades/failed execution to get a deep understanding of the protocol and improve the trading setup


  • Familiar with at least two of the following programming languages (in Python, Rust, Java, C++)
  • Curiosity in the DeFi space proven by doing extra-curricular project/work/research in this space (CeFi trading does not count!)
  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
  • Understanding concepts of asynchronous IO
  • Familiarity with Linux/git
  • Trading knowledge isn’t required but willingness and curiosity to learn algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative, market making trading and blockchain fundamentals is crucial