Fullstack Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description

Gensyn is the hyperscale, cost-efficient compute protocol for the world’s deep learning models.


  • Build the Gensyn SDK – design and create user-facing frameworks to enable friction-less access to the Gensyn network
  • Build execution frameworks – design and create low-level, containerised execution frameworks to train models on remote hardware
  • Implement novel research – build out newly proposed model distribution methods and low-level primitives to train huge models over a completely new infrastructure
  • Follow best practices – build in the open with a keen focus on designing, testing, and documenting your code
  • Write & engage – contribute to technical reports/papers describing the system and discuss with the community


  • Framework development – experience working on frameworks themselves (e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow, JAX, etc..) rather than just using them
  • Open source work – experience working with large open source codebases (ideally as maintainer)
  • Infrastructure experience – previously provisioned and/or configured large-scale infrastructure for ML training tasks
  • Appreciation for dev experience – strong opinions on the developer experience around existing ML tools and frameworks and how this can be improved
  • Huge-scale model training – previously trained enormous distributed models (e.g. LLMs) over distributed infrastructure
  • Background in relevant theory – i.e. computer science, machine learning, algorithms, distributed systems


  • Competitive salary + share of equity and token pool