Community Lead / Chief Evangelist

Job Description

Flare is a layer-1 blockchain network aimed at working with decentralized data. Flare is used just like Ethereum: even though the code is different, Flare offers the same API, supports the same smart contracts and the EVM just like Ethereum.


  • Leverage an existing retail community following to passionately promote and champion the Flare ecosystem.
  • Develop and implement strategies to expand Flare’s retail community following, ensuring Flare taps into new audiences while deepening engagement with their existing base.
  • Represent Flare at conferences, articulately advocating for their ecosystem and products with a specific focus on the retail audience.
  • Plan and execute retail-centric events at established conferences to further promote Flare and engage with potential enthusiasts.
  • Oversee the retail ambassador program, ensuring Flare’s regional ambassadors are well-equipped, guided, and motivated to champion Flare.


  • A significant existing retail community following with proven ability to engage and grow such communities.
  • Strong public speaking skills, with experience in representing brands or ecosystems at major events or conferences.
  • Experience in community management and event organization.
  • An understanding of the Flare ecosystem, products, and the broader blockchain landscape.
  • Proven track record in managing ambassador programs or similar community-focused initiatives.
  • A keen eye for market sentiments and trends, with the ability to quickly adapt strategies to capitalize on opportunities.


  • Competitive