Algorithmic Trader (DeFi)

Job Description

Wintermute is one of the largest algorithmic trading firms in digital assets globally. They provide liquidity algorithmically across most CeFi and DeFi exchanges and via OTC.


  • After a short training period, you will be assigned your own “desk” with related P&L responsibility and you’ll become an owner of that desk
  • You’ll be looking how to build and/or expand your desk across various levers: building new strategies, improving existing strategies and adding new trading products, as well as improving the technology behind the trading
  • You’ll need to keep up to date and act on all the latest developments, analyse large amounts of trading and transaction data, generate insights, prioritise them and build solutions based on your findings


  • Strong Python skills (or Java or C++) you have 1-3 years of coding experience, be that through work, study or personal project experience
  • Programming fundamentals (in any of C++, C#, Java, OOP)
  • Understand blockchain basics: transactions, wallets, smart contracts, double spend, transactions pool, mining
  • Have a general understanding overview of current defi landscape: DEX, aggregators, main protocols
  • Experience interacting with defi protocols – lending, staking, trading – can be personal
  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
  • Advanced trading knowledge isn’t required but a strong willingness and curiosity to learn algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative and market making trading is crucial