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About Company

SNGLR Group are fully focused on exponential technologies and how they can make the world a better place. We are a unique combination of tech experts & developers, venture capital firm and strategic advisory.

We scale through a global network of partners, experts and influencers – and are true entrepreneurs taking an interest in where our world can go from here.

We help our investors, friends & clients to:

  • shape their conviction with regards to the exponential technologies and their use cases
  • make better strategic and tactical decisions for their business in order to successfully navigate in circumstances of rapidly unfolding future
  • do smart and timely investments
  • benefit from technology, where it makes sense

SNGLR Capital’s early stage VC funds provide its investors exposure to mainly European companies with an exponential growth potential focusing on two sectors: Longevity / Vitality and Smart Mobility / Smart Cities, we also consider AI and blockchain and actively support our portfolio companies.

SNGLR XLabs is a team of top specialists with a strong expertise in AI, Blockchain and cyber security developing exponential tech-backed software.

And should you be considering integrating AI, need a metaverse strategy or NFT studio services – SNGLR Digital is there for you to provide respective strategic & digital advisory.