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About Company

SkyLaunch, a London headquartered team of Blockchain (CeFi, DeFi, NFT developers & compliance), Venture Capital and Asset Management specialists are launching a new accelerator and multichain IDO platform to nurture and grow new blockchain projects. SkyLaunch goes beyond the initial investment and capital raise, by providing additional pre IDO acceleration and mentoring services as well as post-IDO support through a strong network of professional service providers and advisors . SkyLaunch’s aim is to connect passionate early-stage projects with the right tools, finance and partners for long term success.

SkyLaunch is a multichain launchpad built on top of major EVM compatible chains including Polygon and Binance Smart chart. This will be combined with a planned Layer-2 scalability solution based on the Optimism protocol to boost transaction processing speed and virtually removing gas fees for investors. Furthermore, SkyLaunch is also proactively working on non-EVM chain integrations with Polkadot, Cardano and Solana.

SkyLaunch will bring greater levels of equality to investors by removing barriers allowing everyone to benefit from price levels normally reserved for traditional venture capital funds and high net worth investors. Our proprietary technology brings many new features to the industry, including on-chain score mining, auto-pilot feature (an automated investor tool to remove ‘manual participation’ in upcoming IDOs. Customisable and pre-funded with USD), utility NFTS, collateralised loans and much more.