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About Company

There is currently a massive opportunity to capture value within the private investment marketplace with disruptive technology given this market’s high friction, lack of transparency, illiquidity and complicated regulatory environment. At over $7 trillion in size, the global private real estate markets are a prime example.

As a blockchain enabled issuer, fund manager and technology provider, our mission is to merge private equity with blockchain technologies and provide much broader global access to institutional quality investment products that create long term value and build wealth. We aim to provide a link between the global retail investment community and cash generating investment opportunities, opening up access to previously untapped global capital markets where transactions take place 24/7, instantly, with little or no cost, and without borders.

Realio is a digital issuance, investment and peer-to-peer trading platform that utilizes a proprietary distributed network for issuing-on and interconnecting decentralized ecosystems. The platform leverages both a permissioned and permissionless architecture to satisfy the need for stringent securities regulations while allowing uniquely democratized access to investment products normally reserved for a select subset of institutional investors. We source investment opportunities across many asset classes with a focus on real estate private equity and we also provide the tools for 3rd party issuers to digitize their assets and raise capital within the network or use our tech stack as a private white-label solution.
Our network architecture is modular, scalable, and enables built-in liquidity while distributing previously highly-centralized activities such as issuance and regulatory compliance across a private and secure network of independent participants.