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OG studio is a full stack, daring Web3 studio. Built by cryptonatives, built for the ownership generation. Web3 is all about enabling digital ownership for everyone. We strongly believe the world will be a better place when everyone has digital ownership over their own business, identity, reputation, data, assets and their digital presence in general.‍ OG stands for Original Gangster, as we’re at the forefront of the Web3 space, but OG also stands for ‘the Ownership Generation’. It’s not just about us, OG Studio, it’s about creating a new generation that takes ownership of their digital selves. Everyone can, and we hope will, become an OG. It’s our mission to onboard the people and businesses we work with, meet with, encounter and talk to into the ownership generation. Because we believe: the bigger the ownership generation, the better the world.

We already helped leading companies transform to web2, and are now ready to take the leap and go all in on web3. We’ll guide you with our programs and be your expert when it comes to web3.