NFT Studios
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About Company

NFT Studios is a holding of companies sharing one mission: Build the Metaverse, one block at a time. We are a team of over 60 people working remotely from all over the world, developing digital products, tools, and technologies to enable the NFT space to grow and thrive.

We have a broad portfolio of companies including CryptoMotors, PixelChain, Voxel Architects, Raregotchi, and 0xSuite. Through these projects, we aim to provide the digital space with innovative, high-quality tools, services, dapps, web platforms, P2E video games, and assets.

We also build tailor-made blockchain solutions for companies, communities, and creators from custom NFT strategy definition to smart contract & web3 design, development, and execution.

By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain technology, we empower startups, communities, and users to kickstart their own business, build a strong presence in the Metaverse, create their own products, explore their creativity, and engage in new and fascinating digital experiences.