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About Company

Monster League Studios LTD, our video game studio founded in 2021, is developing the Mokens League platform that contains a number of traditional sports video games using blockchain tech and NFTs.

We want to revolutionize the gaming industry with our Free to Play and Play to Own games, as the evolution of the Play to Earn games. With Mokens League eSports, players get rewarded when they win by competing and, while having fun, playing games at the same time.

The Mokens League eSports are multiplayer games to play online in real time, that use blockchain technology and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) characters. They can be played in free-to-play mode or in competition mode for a play-to-own experience.

We plan to release a soccer game in Q3 2023, as the first game, for Android and IOS. More eSports such as tennis, basketball, hockey or beach volleyball will follow, also on other platforms such as PC.

As a startup, we are proud to have an international, multidisciplinary and highly professional team with a long background around the digital tech, blockchain and gaming industry. As game developers and esport gamers our passion is to play and build video games.