Metaverse Summit
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About Company

Metaverse Summit is a global summit showcasing innovation around Metaverse.

The Most Influential International Convention across Metaverses
A Global Hub for Business & Innovations

Join us at the Metaverse Summit Paris 2023 for an extraordinary opportunity to meet thousands of global leaders and experts, discover the latest technology, commercial use cases and innovations being build throughout metaverses.

At #MetaverseSummit you’ll connect with 4,000+ influential metaverse builders and brands of all sectors, from legacy brands to early stage, bleeding-edge technology.

Metaverse Technology & Innovation
Innovative technologies for improving and enhancing the metaverse experience, as well as practical methods for implementing and expanding synchronized realities.

Open Metaverse & Interoperability
Analyzing a variety of spectrum in consumer identities, 3D rendering with frameworks such as Universal Scene Description, characterizing properties, shareable data, and computing power.

Gaming Industry, Education & Social Platforms
A deep dive into the emerging human-centered paradigms that will forever change interactivity in all of our lives.

Metaverse Commerce & Phygital Experiences
The art and science of onboarding new users into new experiences and developing long-term revenue matrix.

Governance, Regulations, Digital Sovereignty & Data Ownership
Navigating and establishing relationships between metaverse innovations, data protection frameworks, decentralized networks, reforming digital privacy and digital rights.

‍Arts, Fashion, Media, Sports & Entertainment Economy
Business functions restructuring and market advantages are gained by leveraging metaverse developments to create greater accessibility with fewer restrictions based on geolocation, age group, and physical abilities.