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About Company

Linkplicity is a startup company specialized in Web, App and Blockchain development founded in 2019. The company has experience in NextJS, React, NodeJS Express, Ionic, React Native and Solidity.

Linkplicity has developed blockchain-based systems for businesses to certify quality and reward recycling and the music life streaming service Webstagemusic and the CRYPTO Shih Tzu NFT project as own projects.
Currently, Linkplicity is working on a digital platform for the Jam Music Lab private university in Vienna, covering music life streaming and music NFTs.

End of 2022 Linkplicity CEO Patrick Taudes received US patent “Blockchain-based system and method for peer-to-peer online advertising auction”. The invention describes a smart contract and a secure multiparty computation protocol for a uniform price auction of ad impressions where consumers receive cryptocurrency for watching ads. Linkplicity has started to develop a business model on this basis.