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About Company

Stories are a big concept, and stories are built from moments. Picture a very important moment in the timeline of music history. Can you imagine music fans owning this moment? This is Guzzu.

Fans can collect and own unpublished moments or milestones of their favorite artists and become a part of their new community by buying, selling, supporting and playing.

Artists can build their own timelines and monetize moments through NFTs by interacting with their fans. Artists create their stories for their fans and merch them through NFTs. At GUZZU we bring a new way for artists to engage with fans by dropping moments of the past, present, and of course future.

Guzzu is not just another NFT marketplace: at Guzzu we give space to a new blockchain-based community for music fans, artists, and curators. The artist of the future needs to be where the fan of the future will be.