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About Company

Imagine living in world where your sovereignty is a matter of choice.

When you join Gassho, you are becoming part of a global decentralization renaissance.

Gassho is a decentralized metaverse ecosystem. Our massively transformative purpose is to accelerate the global adoption of a decentralized metaverse. We accomplish this by aggregating value-added affiliates, dapps, merchants who accept cryptocurrency to support the advertising and education marketplaces. This will include a wide range of crypto products and service merchants. Today, Facebook, Amazon and Google dominate the online advertising, communication, and their associated exchange marketplaces. Their dominance and centrally-controlled services has created a “decentralized services market gap.” It is this gap that Gassho intends to fill.

On our platform, you can:

  • borrow cryptocurrencies
  • earn interest
  • trade
  • discover crypto tax solutions
  • discover nft marketplaces
  • discover dapps of all types

These processes will be developed and delivered by our affiliate partners. With Gassho as a trusted information source, our users will be able to stay current in an environment characterized by rapidly changing technologies, legal and governmental policy changes and the global changes offered by disruptive decentralized financial systems.

One of Gassho’s humanistic goals is to provide our services to those who do not have access to traditional banking institutions, the “unbanked.” This population is estimated to be two billion worldwide and fourteen million in the U.S. The unbanked represent one of the largest untapped markets on earth.

Gassho’s belief is that Blockchain-based applications will revolutionize most of the services and products that are used on a day-to-day basis.