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About Company

After launching a strategy guide website for Game of War in 2014 that reached 80,000 users in six months, Chad Kihm (CEO and Co-Founder) realized that players desperately wanted strategy guides for how to play a game, especially the newest generation of P2W games that they invested lots of money into. These guides attracted the highest spending players, those whose feedback was critical to the developers success. Chad then sought out partnerships with game developers to connect them with valuable, direct feedback from their players.

The initial partnerships were a huge success, so Chad Kihm officially created GamerSpeak with Co-Founder, Matt Ortiz, in 2015. GamerSpeak went on to build more player-focused communities that generated authentic, actionable feedback for many other gaming titles, seven of which have earned over $1B in revenue.

In the Fall of 2021, GamerSpeak was acquired by Netmarble F&C Inc., which opened the doors for GamerSpeak to explore new opportunities within not only the gaming industry but also the metaverse and blockchain ecosystems.

At the end of 2021, GamerSpeak raised $700K to build a highly competitive web3 gaming guild. During this time, GamerSpeak created partnerships with pioneer platforms in web3 gaming such as BreederDAO and Blockchain Space and made over $400K of investments in leading web3 games such as Big Time, Star Atlas, Delysium, and Undead Blocks.

As GamerSpeak continued its journey as a Top 20 global guild, it was quickly noticed that the most desirable gaming assets were too expensive. This deterred GamerSpeak from investing in those assets and prevented them from diversifying their portfolio across more exciting games. More importantly, these high costs prevented millions of individuals from being able to invest and participate in these games, which led GamerSpeak to research and build their new platform, MyMetaFi.