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About Company

At GameFi AG, we are passionate about making blockchain and cryptocurrency accessible to everyone through playful means. Incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, our goal is to connect gaming to the blockchain with our three-tiered cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Next upcoming product : is our upcoming NFT P2E beat-em up game, more information can be found here :

What is GameFi? Game-ified finance; we are applying a game-like strategy to the crypto market, where players can play to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.

The foundation of GameFi AG is a cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum network, known as PIKA. With PIKA, there’s no doubt your experience will be unlike any other in the crypto-sphere, having an ample supply with great burn rates, evolution systems, and creative staking & liquidity models.

METRA is our second token in this three-tiered ecosystem, which acts as the central catalyst. As an intermediate token, investors can treat it as a gateway to either stake in our METRA staking pool or allow it to evolve into our final and rarest coin, KI.

KI is the highest evolution level of our tokens and will primarily be used to obtain premier NFTs and booster packs. It will be the rarest token of our tiered system, offering users unique benefits inside the GameFi platform.

With our deflationary model design, PIKA, METRA, and KI will become scarcer commodities, creating more significant wealth generation for investors.

Uniquely ours, the KRAFT marketplace is a gamified platform where artists and creators can mint and sell art and gaming NFTs.
Our Main Mission Is To Launch Our Epic Trading Card Game That Will Be Launched In Physical, Digital, And Web3 Spaces. This Will Be Our Mission To Combine All These Elements So No Matter If You Are A Novice Or A Pro, It Will Have Something For Everyone To Enjoy.