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About Company

FST Studio is a 3D Agency made up of a team of capable professionals specialised in 3D and CODE.
The founders, Tonino and Fausto Settimi, have more than 22 years of experience in 3D visual communication.
We guide companies towards digital transformation.
The unbridled passion for the work and the experience gained over time have enabled the company to participate in ambitious projects, also at an international level. In the past we have worked in various countries, from Brazil to Romania, from Russia to Shanghai. Currently we are following an important project for a company in London.
Every year we invest part of our revenues in the research and development of innovative solutions to revolutionise the future business of our clients.
We create new 3D visual experiences between brand and target through 3D product configurator/displayer, photorealistic rendering and production of 3D videos.
Our core business is to present products in 3D for digital marketing integrating CODE and 3D for the Web.
We give life to your ideas: 3D e-commerce, 3D/2D product configurator, 3D product displayer, sections, explosions, videos, architectural renderings, characters and games.
We follow your 3D project from A to Z: from the modelling, to the sculpting, from the texture to the lighting, from the rendering to the animation.
In the last few years we have accepted the challenges of 3D Mobile Games, obtaining excellent results.
All our productions are of high level and range over various sectors: games, industrial design, architecture, fashion and any other product sector.
We follow the projects from design to delivery, accompanying our clients in the process of study, creation and promotion.
Today the company is positioned with success in the national and international context, thanks to its know-how and its creativity, always ready to welcome new stimulating challenges, to exalt ambitious projects, be they large or small, and to strengthen their competitiveness.