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About Company

We are on a mission at Freeverse to power the future of digital ownership. In order to make this happen, we leverage blockchain technology to create Living Asset NFTs that evolve and appreciate in value with unlimited scalability according to how they are actually used. Our NFTs 2.0 take the concept of static NFTs to the next level, creating a whole new level of utility, beyond collectibles. Our platform allows the creation of very low cost, dynamic NFTs that can be bought and sold in both crypto and fiat currencies simply with API calls, without paying gas fees – and with less impact on the environment.

Our technology was born from a simple idea of allowing gamers to trade their in-game assets among themselves, legally, for real money while permitting companies and content creators the right to control how those assets are used within their applications. But the possibilities for utilizing Living Assets are endless, extending beyond games into brand loyalty programs, membership programs, and educational certifications. Because of their ease of creation and use, we envision a digital environment where ownership of living assets is ubiquitous and mainstream.

We are funded by leading European tech VCs, based in Barcelona, servicing clients globally.