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5,995 Drunken Monkeys have escaped captivity, and managed to track down a Lux V-class in disguise. They are out on the town but need your help in unlocking a vast array of luxury venues and special events throughout the greatest destina tions in the world, including London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Bali, Mykonos, New York, Ibiza and many more…

During their time in captivity they made many fantastic contacts, ones they can trust and call-on whenever needed, these Monkeys love to show-off and meet their friends whilst making sure they don’t face difficulty getting access to the most desirable venues and events, whether that may be a trendy restaurant in a world-famous city or the most exclusive sport ing event. Many of these contacts have promised to help them on their journey and grant them exclusive VIP status including privileges in the form of up too 20% – 50% off of their total bill when dining and networking with them.

Before escaping they convinced their most skilled contacts to create a reliable, yet flexible concierge service which allows them to travel anywhere in the world, by land, air or sea, in style, if they need accommodation, that’s not a problem either, they have hotel owners up their monkey sleeve.

For them, networking doesn’t and won’t stop until they reach a destination which keeps them safe from any further captivity, this will be in the form of their own metaversal private members clubs in the lands which they purchase, they want a way out and they can’t do it without your help.