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About Company

CUB3 is leading the paradigm shift in community engagement, giving brands a suite of accessible Web3 and AI tools. CUB3 is the first platform that allows brands to direct and reward any behavior to extend engagement and loyalty beyond the traditionally limited purchase/point of sale reward.

From one platform:

– Create challenges to drive engagement and effect real behavioral change online and in the real world.
– Drive engagement and UGC through social channels – Spotify, Twitter, Instagram ++
– Drive specific actions in the real world through GPS check-ins and movement analysis from videos.
– Use blockchain to track, validate and share behaviors as digital tokens (to represent completion) or traditional points for prizes (discounts, free merchandise, exclusive content, etc..).
– Use CUB3’s proprietary AI tools to act as your dedicated campaign manager and leverage LLMs trained on CUB3’s rules of community to automatically build campaigns that will have immediate impact without disrupting your BAU.