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About Company

Atmos Labs is a new studio, founded with the purpose of producing compelling and immersive entertainment experiences that bring together fans, players and a growing community around a wholly unique science fiction universe.

For Atmos Labs, everything stems from the creation of this compelling, ever-evolving, fictional universe of Atmos; it’s what drives the team endeavors. At present, the team’s efforts are focused on 3 core projects that provide fans, players and the community with varying ways to engage with the world and lore of Atmos.

First is Atmos: Exordium, a 9-part comic series that introduces the world and creative universe of Atmos to fans and upon which all future entertainment experiences from Atmos Labs will pull from.

Second is Atmos’ ExoGP, a AAA and skill based racing video game that takes the spirit of F1 racing and pairs it with fully 3D flight mechanics. Atmos Exo GP is grounded in Atmos’ rich lore and combines competitive gameplay, a robust crafting system, and a rewarding resource-based economy.

Third are the Atmos Collection Capsules, a series of unique apparel and merchandise, digital and physical collectives, and in-person experiences to further fans ability to connect and express their passion for Atmos.

Atmos Labs, Inc. games blend mechanics from gaming, NFTs, and DeFi. NFTs provide true game asset ownership, while DeFi enables economic participation layers for its community of players.