4 Common Reasons for an Unsuccessful Application

Blank answers to application questions

Many job posts request that candidates answer a range of required and optional questions alongside sending their resume. The answers to the required questions are the first thing recruiters and hiring managers will look at to determine if it’s even worth their time to read the attached resume.

  • Strong answers will greatly improve your chances of moving to the next stage
  • Mediocre/ weak answers may still lead to the recruiter/ hiring manager to read the attached resume
  • A blank answer to a required question will most likely lead to a rejected application.

If you feel you can’t adequately answer the required questions then it’s worth considering that maybe the role isn’t for you.

Did not show relevant skills & experience

+90% of candidates will send the same resume to every role they apply to. What they don’t realize is: a resume for all roles is a bad resume. Check out our article on ‘The #1 Golden Rule For The Most Effective Resume‘.

Looking for a stronger profile

Make sure you are maximizing your chance of success by following the advice in these articles:

However, if you were unsuccessful even after following all the advice then sometimes you just have to accept that there were stronger candidates. This happens to everyone at least once and is completely normal when you’re looking for the next role up. The main thing here is: do not lose motivation. Keep up the courage and keep going.

Wrong location

Every geography has its own laws and regulations when it comes to hiring employees, which is why many companies only choose to hire from places they already have the policies and infrastructure set up.

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