3 Tips For Writing The Most Effective Resume Content

3 Tips For Writing The Most Effective Resume Content

While the design and layout of your resume are important, the content is what will ultimately determine whether or not you get invited to an interview. In this article, we’ll provide you with 3 basic tips for writing the most effective resume content:

Use short, succinct bullet points. Not paragraphs.

If a recruiter was to pick up your resume right now, how easy would it be for them to skim it in 30 seconds and get a sense of your experiences and accomplishments?

  • Short, succinct bullet points are key to your resume’s readability.
  • Bullet points are easier to read, which makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to see when key requirements have been demonstrated.
  • A wall of text is off-putting and hard to read, which is usually a strong enough reason to stop reading and reject it.

Accomplishments, not responsibilities

Remember, your bullet points should always tell the recruiter or hiring manager what you accomplished, and not what you do on a day to day basis. If you find yourself starting your bullet point with ‘Responsible for’ or a weak verb like ‘Assisted’, you’re likely writing about your responsibilities and not your accomplishments.

Quantify your impact using numbers and metrics.

Did your achievement save time for your team? Increase revenue? While you might not be able to do this for every bullet point, do it where you can.

For Example:

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Now that you understand the basics on how to create a decent resume, find out about the #1 Golden Rule that will turbo-charge your resume success rate!

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